New book “M91/30 Rifles and M38/M44 Carbines in 1941-1945, Accessories and Devices”

In spite of the fact that the M91/30 rifle (together with its carbine and sniper rifle variants) was the most produced type of infantry weapon in the period of 1941-1945, the history of its production is very poorly researched, and many myths about this period circulate. Author have attempted to gather a large number of reliable sources, such as archive documents and specialized publications, which are not familiar to a wide audience. This book contains the planned and produced quantities of M91/30 rifles and carbines, facts related to their production, sections describing the slings and pouches produced in 1941-1945, the different accessories which can be used with the rifles, and the various aspects of rifle maintenance and repair during the war. Every single digit in this book has confirmation in the archive documents.
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PU-43 scope, most unusual modification among PU scopes

From over 550 000 PU scopes, that were produced in 1940-1945 by 5 different factories, those scopes definitely can be called as most interesting (of course, between serial examples, not experimental specimens). At the moment of production, they were not the rarest scopes (by produced quantity factory was at the 3 place from 5 factories, with 80591 produced scopes), but nowadays, undoubtedly, they are the rarest.

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Great Patriotic War museum in Kyiv, Ukraine

I want to share with you with pictures of Great Patriotic War museum, located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Museum has indoor and outdoor exposition. Currently I will post pictures from indoor exhibition. Outdoor exposition has many pre-ww2, ww2, and Cold War produced tanks, vehicles, planes, and small ships. I can’t say that indoor exposition have some unique examples of weapons and equipment, but everything is organized very harmonically. Many showcases are dedicated to certain people. It’s hard to picture everything there, so mostly I will post general pictures.

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VG-44 and VG-45 rifle grenade launchers

First Soviet rifle grenade launcher (Diakonov mortar) was accepted to service in the end of 1920-s. During ww2 were designed some types of rifle grenades that can be used without mortar (soon I will make a post about them). After analysis of ww2 experience was created new model of rifle grenade launcher, that was not used widely and is almost unknown. Those are VG-44 (for m44 carbine) and VG-45 (for SKS) rifle grande launchers.

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“Russian bayonet” book

Recently became available for order very interesting book about bayonets that were used with Mosin rifles and carbines in 1891-1945. Currently is the best source of information in that area, it describe over 60 types of bayonets. Had 192 pages

Book is written at Russian for Russian market, but as I know publishers will send it overseas. Current price in Russia is near 35$

Can be ordered here