Unique photos of trial Mosin sniper rifles in action

Trial sniper rifles, produced at the beginning of 1930’s,  were used at hardest period of the war in 1941-1942 under Leningrad

Trial Walther mount

9 апреля 1942 г.

Trial Geko mount (D-3 setup with Carl Zeiss Nedinsco scope)

summer 1942, Leningrad region


Sniper V.Zubanov, 4 June 1942, Leningrad region

Снайпер-красноармеец В.Зубанов04,06,1942

Unknown sniper


Source – State Saint-Petersburg Central Photoarchive, photoarchive.spb.ru


7 thoughts on “Unique photos of trial Mosin sniper rifles in action

  1. I am extremely happy to find pictures of Mosin Nagant sniper rifles using the D-3 set up with a NEDINSCO scope.
    A couple of hours ago I made a telephone call to the NEDINSCO plant asking information on the delivery of NEDINSCO scopes to the Soviet Army in the 1920’s.
    The answer was very disappointing.
    The NEDINSCO plant is still situated right next to the river Maas and all archives from that era were lost during the floods in the 1990’s.
    The man responsible for the archives did tell me that he had never seen any proof that NEDINSCO scopes were used by the Soviet Army but that he was very interested in getting that proof.

    1. Where can I get the pictures (seen above) with the NEDINSCO scopes for use in my own archives?
    Do I have to contact the St. Petersburg photo archives?
    2. Are there pictures of visible NEDINSCO logos on Mosin Nagant rifles or maybe papers that say that NEDINSCO scopes were used by the Soviet Army?


    • Owner of the photos is visible at the watermarks. But I doubt that they help you without exact image ID, they had hundreds of thousands of pictures. Today I will not help with ID also, because I dont know it
      D3 setup in 20-30s was not used by Red Army. All tests were made at the base of shooters club “Dynamo”, which was in system of NKVD
      I saw at least 3 manuals about D3 setup, and at least 3 sutvived examples with Nedinsco scopes.
      Most detailed description of early sniper trials is provided in the article “Soviet rifle scopes in 1920-1940s” by B.Davydov and S.Savchenko (in Russian)

  2. Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    I am very interested in the history of the 3-line rifles and the sniper versions in particular.
    If possible could you answer me 2 questions please.

    1) Where did you see the manuals about the D-3 set up and the NEDINSCO scopes?
    2) Can you give me a link to the article about the Soviet rifle scopes by B.Davydov and S.Savchenko.

    I would appreciate that very much.


    • 2 of those manuals were discovered by researchers in different archives, One is located in private collection All of them are different editions
      Article that was mentioned, was publihed in magazine “Мир Оружия”, but now I can’t provide any details because I’m far away from my home computer at the vacations

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