VG-44 and VG-45 rifle grenade launchers

First Soviet rifle grenade launcher (Diakonov mortar) was accepted to service in the end of 1920-s. During ww2 were designed some types of rifle grenades that can be used without mortar (soon I will make a post about them). After analysis of ww2 experience was created new model of rifle grenade launcher, that was not used widely and is almost unknown. Those are VG-44 (for m44 carbine) and VG-45 (for SKS) rifle grande launchers.

VG-44 grenade launcher was supposed to be used with m44 carbines produced after 1947. There was a possibility that it will not fit to earlier carbines, and this must be checked individually.

Caliber of grenade launcher- 40,6 mm. Rifled tube had 6 grooves. 2 new types of grenades were created – VPG-1 (ВПГ-1, anti tank grenade) and VOG-1 (ВОГ-1, fragmentation grenade). But earlier type of grenades fror Diakonov mortar also can be used with VG-44 and VG-45. Special blank cartridges HPS -44 (ХПС-44) and HPS-45 (ХПС-45) with powder П-45 were used for shooting

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One thought on “VG-44 and VG-45 rifle grenade launchers

  1. This is another outstanding article on a unique weapon system that is not commonly known to historians and collectors of these historical weapons.
    Great article
    Bob “Tex” Hanes

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