Dear vistor!

If you read this, most likely you visted this blog because of the interest to Soviet ww2 and prewar firearms, optisc, or equipment. The main idea of this blog is to give intersting, confirmed, and new information about listed above areas. Being originally from Ukraine, and the same time being a member of many foreign discussion boards, I noted a thing that I don’t like. Here, at ex-USSR territory collectors  have more easy access to historical documents, but because of the not friendly gun laws, and not developed gun culture, there are almost no access to real examples of ww2 firearms. Abroad situation is another – big interest to Soviet firearms, huge amount of real examples, but absence of documentaly confirmed facts and big amount of myths. In this blog I will try to unite facts confirmed by documents, and practical observation to make intersting posts and researches.

For example, you already can read results about my research about SVT sniper rifles. While documental part was taken by local sources, 80%  serial numbers of sniper rifles came from overseas.

Future will show how effective will be this effort, but I will as more as can to provide comprehensive information about firearms. Plans are ambitious.

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Best regards, Alexander


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