PTRS-41 and PTRD-41 rifles in action at the conflict in Ukraine

Despite of 70+ age, PTRS-41 and PTRD-41 anti tank rifles can be often seen at the pictures from the Ukraines’ conflict at the east. They are used by pro russian separatists and ukrainian volunteer battalions as anti-material rifles.

Pro russain separatists

9413477 9413491 9478606 9774275 9921018 9924978 10101240 10228530 A pro-Russian separatist shows an anti-tank rifle in Seversk, Donetsk region 10228568 10228590 10233350 10250604 10280942 10280944

Ukrainian volunteer battalions




10388651_1511797512411083_6081739141841997409_n  10702029_1511797449077756_1359585395319425118_n


Rifles captured from rebels

9651278 9651278s

8 thoughts on “PTRS-41 and PTRD-41 rifles in action at the conflict in Ukraine

  1. Besides, mostly rifle are used by rebels. In Ukranian volunteer battalions they were observed as captured examples. Main question where did rebels get them. Officially, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine own only few of them. But they are at the stocks at the State Reserve of Ukraine, which can be used during war. But at the current moment those stock were not used by Ukrainian army, and rebels can’t get them as trophy’s. The biggest stock of infantry arms located in conflict area – in Soledar salt mines. There was a period when area was under control of rebels, but stocks were defended by groups of Ukranian special forces. There were few attacks on them, but they were not successful. Now area is under control of Government.
    I saw post of one local archeologist, who mention that there is way to those solt mines throug old ventilation channels. So it’s possibly that in the problem period they somehow stole them from mines, or another source can be supplies from Russia. Those are only 2 possible ways

    • Very interesting. I was wondering where they got so many. And I noticed some of the PTR’s had rust and such. Would make sense that they were stored underground and there was probably some water moisture/flooding issues occasionaly. I believe the archaeologist. There is always another way in to a large facility/mine of that size. Especially to get air flow that would have been used by infiltrators to steal milsurp.

      • Climate in salt mines is perfect for gun storage – low humidity and constant temperature. That’s why they for chosen for that huge stock. Yes, 2 of PTR’s show rust, but one of them went through fire. And rest of PTR’s a refurbed examples, which have red finish at barrels, like at SVT bolt carriers

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